12 Apps for School Administrators

12 Apps for School Administrators

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"There's a mobile app for almost anything you may want to do, any situation you confront." ~ Jacqueline Leo 


As the start of the school year draws near I thought it would be a good idea to blog about the apps that I will be using frequently throughout the year. Most of the apps listed below I'll use on both my iPhone and iPad. Although not an exhaustive list of apps for administrators, they are my favourites to use. Of course I will still occasionally utilize apps such as Google +, LinkedIn, Foursquare, About Me and FlipBook, but the apps below are the pillars of my day. I'd love to hear about your favourite apps.

 a1sx2_Thumbnail1_hootsuite.png I primarily use Hootsuite to manage my Twitter feed. It allows me to create a number of tabs, streams and lists to keep the flow of tweets manageable. It is also a great tool to use for chats and managing multiple accounts. An alternative to use for chats is Tweetchat
 a1sx2_Thumbnail1_zite.png Zite is the first app I open in the morning. I love reading all the content based on my interests. It's a great way to keep current and to share with my PLN. 
 a1sx2_Thumbnail1_feedly-logo.png The second app I open in the morning is Feedly. I subscribe to about 30 different blogs so having them listed in my Feedly account makes reading easy. I can share posts to Twitter and Linked In as well. 
a1sx2_Thumbnail1_el_logo.jpg ASCD has recently created an app for their monthly magazine Educational Leadership. Although I love getting the magazine monthly, I think the app is a great addition.
 a1sx2_Thumbnail1_rtm.jpg I recently came across the app Remember the Milk while reading a leadership blog. It is a task management app that has a web presence and a mobile app. The pro version allows you to create reminders and sync automatically across devices. I have been really impressed with it. Try it out.
 a1sx2_Thumbnail1_evernote.jpg Evernote has been a staple app for my record keeping. I use it to capture important information such as blog post ideas, notes from my readings and meeting notes.
 a1sx2_Thumbnail1_camera-logo.jpg As I complete curriculum walkthroughs I love to capture learning in the moment. I find camera+ the best camera app. It has great filters and touch up tools. You can even post directly to Twitter from the app if you choose.
a1sx2_Thumbnail1_fuzel.png Collage Made Awesome is Fuzel Pro's moto and for good reason. It is a great app for creating photo collages. It gives you many options for borders, layout, labels and decor. You won't be disappointed.
 a1sx2_Thumbnail1_animoto.png Animoto has been my app of choice for a few years for creating graduation slideshows, monthly student videos and special event videos. You can use the web or mobile version to create stunning videos.  
 a1sx2_Thumbnail1_google_drive.png Google Drive has become a valuable tool for me over the last year. I save a number of documents to my drive so I can access them from anywhere and from any device. The ability to share documents with colleagues is also a great option for meetings and projects. 
 a1sx2_Thumbnail1_haiku-deck-logo1.png Haiku Deck is one of my favourite apps. Access to a huge data base of stunning creative commons images allows you to create visually impressive presentations. I use it often for meetings and presentations.
a1sx2_Thumbnail1_weather.png Living in Canada you need to be prepared for the weather. The Weather Live app is a very accurate weather tool that gives you information about temperature, weekly views, humidity, chance of precipitation and long range forecast.
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