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I've read a few "5 to Follow" posts lately. They have been posts about five Twitter users to follow with the writer's reasons why you should. You could think of the posts as the popular #followfriday hashtag used by many Twitter users but with a much more detailed description of why someone should follow that person. Following along with the 5 to Follow idea I thought I would create a similar post, but about 5 blogs to follow. I follow a number of different educational blogs using Feedly as my blog aggregator in a number of different areas like leadership, edtech and classroom teaching. Below are 5 blogs that I enjoy reading and I'm sure you will too! Click each graphic to get to the blog.




If you are interested in educational technology and leadership then Scott McLeod's blog is a must read. In his dangerously! irrelevant blog Scott writes about technology and the future of schools that makes you want to dive deeper into the topics. Scott is a leader in educational technology and has also written a great book for school leaders on digital technologies and social media.




Wesley Fryer has created a blog that any teacher integrating technology into their classroom needs to follow. Not only does Wesley blog about practical classroom ideas and applications he provides great video clips that help make the learning visible. If you are looking for great ideas to infuse your classroom with technology you need to read Moving at the Speed of Creativity on a regular basis. 


 b2ap3_thumbnail_blogging.jpg Honest, inspiring and creative are 3 adjectives I would use to describe Pernille Ripp. Her blog called Blogging Through the Fourth Dimension is rich with literacy lessons and projects that would make any reader want Pernille as their child's teacher. That's what sets Pernille's blog apart from others ~ her passion for reading and literacy. She created the global read aloud in 2010 and it has grown to a truly global phenomenon. Add her blog to your feed now!


What I love about Justin Baeder's Eduleadership blog is it's simplicity. His passion for helping administrators is clearly evident in everything he does, but it's the messages that he promotes through his blog posts that truly engages the reader. They are thought provoking but easy to read without a lot of edu-jargon to bog you down. Whether you are currently an administrator or aspiring to be one you won't be disappointed following Justin's blog.


b2ap3_thumbnail_doug_otr.jpg I first met Doug back in 2005 shortly after I was promoted to the position of learning technologies coordinator for my district. He sits on a number of committees and organizations so I know that he is truly a connected educator. What I love about Doug's "Off the Record" blog is his promotion of bloggers across Ontario. Weekly Doug blogs about bloggers and posts that have caught his eye. I often wonder if he actually sleeps! Even if you don't live in Ontario anyone who reads his blog will learn lots. Check it out today.


I know there are many other great blogs out there. There are many that I follow that I didn't write about today (but I will soon) and many others that I haven't discovered yet. I'm always on the look out for great blogs to read so I would love to hear about your blog or a blog that you follow. In the meantime happy blogging and if your Canadian enjoy your Thanksgiving weekend! 

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