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"My blogging life is basically goalless. I like the zen nature of that, and paradoxically, it improves results." ~ Seth Godin


Well it's over. My month long challenge of blogging every day has finally come to an end. Looking back on the 29 blog posts it has been a real learning experience. There were days that I struggled to come up with a topic but suddenly an idea found me. It may have been that I was more present than normal through the month so I was open to seeing clearly what was in front of me or it may have been that I just pushed myself to get my thoughts and ideas into a post. Either way it has been a wonderful experience. 

Over the month of June my posts generated over 10,000 hits, 33 comments and 100's of shares on Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and LinkedIn. But the stats are not the most important aspect of my blogging. It was the conversations that were generated and the ideas that were shared that mean so much to me. So to everyone who read, shared, and commented over the past month, thank you. Your interest, ideas and comments made the past month a valuable learning experience. 

This isn't the end of my journey by any stretch of the imagination. I've learned the effect that being present in all aspects of my life can have on my writing and thinking. It can help me be a better learner and leader. I'll continue to read and comment on as many blogs as I can because I can see the power it has on both the reader and writer. I hope others will join in the challenge of committing to writing a blog as often as their schedule permits. I urge you to find the time to write. It will help to clarify your thinking and lead you to new learning opportunities. It will help you to connect to a wider global audience that will push your thinking. But most of all it will help you in your pursuit of making a difference for those that you serve. Your students.

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