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If you're anything like me you've probably loaned a book to a friend or colleague, forgotten who you loaned it to, never to see it again. While I love sharing my professional library to those that want to read a book of mine, I would also like to have it back! Last week I came across an iPhone app that solved my problem. It's called BooksApp 2. There is a free version, and an in-app purchase option to go pro for $3.99. I splurged and went for the pro version which I'll explain why later. The app basically allows you to catalogue your entire library collection with a scan of a barcode or a manual entry of the ISBN number. Below are the features of BooksApp:

  • Create Series of books
  • Create Collections
  • Lists of books by Authors
  • Lists of books by Publisher
  • Lists of books by Subject
  • Backup your library
  • Transfer your library to your computer (pro verison only)
  • Import CSV file to your device running BooksApp 2 (pro version only)
  • Friends (pro version only)

The last option is what sold me on going pro. You can loan out any book in your catalogue to someone in your contact list and create a loan period. I've created a short video below to show you how easy it is to scan a book and loan it out. After scanning about 100 of my books into the app I've found a couple of things that would be nice to have added in future versions. The ability to add friends without having to go into contacts and getting a reminder when the loaned book is due back would be super helpful. Enjoy the video below and let me know of any apps that you find useful for your professional or classroom library.



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