App Smashing

App smashing is simply defined as the process of using multiple apps with each other to complete a task. App smashing could be completed on a smartphone or tablet like an iPad where students may be completing a project. As part of my annual growth plan I made the commitment to not only make my own learning visible but also make the learning activities of our school visible to the parents and community at large. One way that I do that is provide regular daily tweets accompanied with pictures and short descriptions. Here is an example of a daily tweet.


The culmination of a month of learning is a video I produce and post for our community to watch and enjoy using Animoto. I get lots of feedback from parents that not only love the short video at the end of the month but they also appreciate the view into the classroom on a daily basis. I do this all with my iPhone smashing 4 apps together. Below I outline the apps I use to complete this monthly project, a written outline on the process as well as a short video demonstrating my workflow.


Apps Smashed

  • Camera+
  • Fuzel Pro (sometimes)
  • Animoto
  • Twitter


  1. Use Camera+ to take, edit and save photos to camera roll.
  2. To create a collage of photos open Fuzel Pro, select a template, add pictures and save to camera roll.
  3. Open Animoto and either create a new video or tap on existing video in progress to add photos.
  4. Select photos from camera roll to add to Animoto project. 
  5. At anytime during the Animoto video creation you can select a movie style, add music and insert text.
  6. To make learning visible, open Twitter, create a tweet, add appropriate photo from the camera roll and send.
  7. At the end of the month, publish your video in Animoto. 
  8. Open Twitter, create a tweet with a link to the video you have created.

Below is a short video demonstrating how I smash the apps above to keep our learning visible to our community. I would love to hear about apps that you smash.



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