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If you live anywhere near Niagara Falls you really need to check out the ECOO13 Annual Conference from October 23-25. There are hundreds of sessions to choose from, as well as social activities such as a photo walk, dinner and networking and a morning run along the Falls! I'll be leading a session on Engaging Student Voice through Video, and I'd be happy to share my experiences with you, in fact I'd love it! There will be keynotes from Amber MacArthur, Jaime Casap, Kevin Honeycutt and Robert Baker. 

Check out the ECOO13 website and register today. It's going to be amazing!




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  • Great promo, David. Even if you don't "live anywhere near Niagara Falls", we think it's easy access to anyone. We've included this page and have negotiated a discount for our friends that elect to fly and shuttle to the Convention Centre. Packed with great sessions, we're also tried to include a large number of social activities to appeal to everyone. The odd thing - nobody has complained yet that there's no break for lunch - but don't worry, we think we have that covered nicely. It will be great to see you again. I look forward to hearing about your new school!

  • David Fife

    Thanks for the great information Doug. You always get me thinking! I knew there were great hotel deals but I didn't realize your team had worked other travel deals. Kudos to you and the team. The other thing I thought about after reading your post was that those that can't make it to Niagara Falls would certainly be able to attend "virtually" as they follow the #ecoo13 hashtag (and any others that are created at the conference sessions). :)