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The excitement is starting to build for London's first EdCamp. For many in London and the surrounding area it will be their first experience at an "unconference" so there may be a bit of apprehension about what to expect. With less than 50 spots remaining I wanted to use this blog post to give a bit more insight into what to expect at EdCamp and to try to convince those that are sitting on the fence that this will be a great day of professional learning with people who love education.


  1. Lots of discussion - at the heart of the EdCamp experience is the chance for attendees to discuss those burning issues that may not be the topic of conversation in the lunch room. It's a chance to go deep with your ideas in a safe environment with other people who have similar passions. 
  2. The law of 2 feet - a basic tenant of all EdCamps is to honour your learning. That means if the particular session you selected isn't meeting your needs use your feet and find a new one. No judgement here!
  3. This is your day - there are no keynotes, or canned presentations. The topics and sessions are generated by those that are attending EdCamp. So be brave and put an idea on a post-it note and stick it on the planning board. There is no doubt that someone else is thinking that same thing.
  4. Bring along your technology - EdCamps are not necessarily a conference about technology. That being said if the participants want to discuss edtech issues then it may become a session. Again this is your day of learning. So if a burning need for you is inquiry based learning make it a post-it note. The technology used at EdCamp London will be to connect on social media, give guidance to attendees through the use of the Yapp app and to record thoughts, links and resources through the use of Google Docs.
  5. Networking - I'm sure that you will meet many passionate educators at EdCamp London and the conversations you have will spill over to the hallways, cafeteria and maybe, if the weather permits, the courtyard. Take advantage of the connections you will make. You'll be surprised at what others will offer.
  6. Re-energized - after every EdCamp I've attended I've left re-energized. It may be from the passion I see in others or an idea that has spurred me to act. I really can't explain it. It's a feeling that to me is almost addictive. It drives me to continue learning and sharing with others. 

If you've registered I can't wait to see you at EdCamp London. If you're sitting on the fence and are unsure hopefully this post will lead you to the EdCamp London website to register. There you will find some videos that may also give you an idea of what to expect.

P.S. We've got a cool collaborative session with EdCamp SWO called "What Makes a Great Leaders" and a student showcase you won't want to miss.

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