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"After the stress of getting our hair and nails done and dressing up, the dance and Photo Booth let us be ourselves."

 2015 Mitchell Hepburn Grad


It was a great night! The students and their families were treated to a special night as we celebrated the graduating students of 2015. After all the certificates and awards were presented it was time to let off some steam and have fun. This is what graduation is all about. Celebrating and having fun, not stressing about awards or marks. And as you can see from the picture above the students certainly had fun.

If you've never had a Photo Booth at a graduation ceremony or other event I would highly recommend it. Get lots of props, a good backdrop, some lighting, good music and you're set. The kids will take over and have the time of their lives. The night flew by with me taking hundreds of photos for the kids to download and enjoy with their families. It was great to see the kids laugh and giggle as they viewed the photos this morning with their teachers. I couldn't think of a greater gift to give them as they head off for summer holidays and to high school next year.

I'd love to hear what great things you did at your school graduation!


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