2 New Picture Books My Daughter Loves

  "A picture book is a small door to the enormous world of the visual arts, and they're often the first art a young person sees." ~ Tomie dePaola   I've written in previous blog posts that I wasn't really a reader when I was younger. The only thing I read, other than what I had to, was Sports Illustrated. It's not that I was interested in reading, I just had other things that were more important to me, like playing outside. Do I wish I read more when I was younger? Of course I do. It's one of my many regrets! I know how important it is to read aloud to your children. I learned that from Jim Trelease and "The Read Aloud Handbook ." That's why I try to find the best picture books for my daughter so that I can help support her growth as a reader. Knowing...
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