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The Time for Excuses is Over

"We can no longer afford to sustain a school structure built for a time long past." ~ Eric Sheninger The quote above is one that resonated with me immediately after reading it. I received my copy of Digital Leadership - Changing Paradigms for Changing Times by Eric Sheninger shortly after it was released from Corwin. Unfortunately I didn't have a chance to start reading it until last week. Better late than never. Although I am only on chapter 5 there have been times where I have caught myself saying "Yes!" out loud and times of quiet reflection about the path my school is currently on. It was chapter 2 - Why Schools Must Change and in particular the section titled The Time for Excuses is Over that is the inspiration for this post. During my time as a classroom teacher, learning technologies coordinator and vice principal I have tried to...
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3 Things Schools Can Learn from Germany's World Cup Win

  "The way a team plays as a whole determines its success. You may have the greatest bunch of individual stars in the world, but if they don't play together, the club won't be worth a dime." ~ Babe Ruth   Spain 1982 was the first World Cup that I remember being totally engrossed in. I was 12 years old at the time playing for an Italian soccer club where I was the only Canadian on the team. Every game I watched was a learning experience. I realized quickly the passion Italians had for the game and how it was entrenched in their culture. I remember our coach telling us to watch every game, picking the player that played our position and to watch only their movements. I remember watching the Italian hero Paolo Rossi score 6 goals in the tournament. But what I remember most was how Italy grew...
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Math Anxiety

On Friday I attended a Safe Schools Professional Development session with our school team which consisted of myself, a parent, a teacher and an educational assistant.  The afternoon was a great opportunity to hear from experts in the field and discuss how our students and community feel regarding safety.  However it also gave me insight into some of the concerns parents see when it comes to academic issues, and in particular math. The concept of timed math tests came up with the idea that these are good for children to develop automaticity and recall of facts.  One might think this is reasonable.  In fact a quick Google search of "timed math drills" will net you thousands of websites where parents and teachers can print off worksheets or direct children to play games all focused on improving the speed at which computations are recalled.  But do these develop solid math abilities in...
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