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Thank You EdCamp London Sponsors

As we move closer to EdCamp London on April 12th it is important to recognize those that have provided either financial support or gifts in kind, which are going to make great prizes!  Without financial sponsors we would not be able to offer EdCamp for free. Below are the sponsors who provided financial support. Please give them a click and support them!            The groups below were kind enough to provide amazing prizes for the draw at the end of the day. Make sure you give them a click and check them out too! And if you're coming to EdCamp don't miss our closing session for a chance to win a prize.                      Don't forget to check out the EdCamp Website as we get closer to April 12th. And even if you can't make it follow along on...
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Stratosphere - A Book Review

  "The teacher as change agent is crucial, or we will get aimless multi-tasking" ~ Michael Fullan   If educational technology is an area of interest for you then Stratosphere by Michael Fullan is a book that you should consider reading. This brief review provides my thoughts and impressions of the book but by no means is it a comprehensive review. It is a very quick read that will provide many areas of thoughtful discussion with your colleagues as you move to more meaningful integration of technology in your school or district. In typical Fullan style, he uses his knowledge of change, without being too verbose, to set a framework for the use of technology in the classroom. He cites the work of Mark Prensky, Tony Wagner and John Hattie to illustrate the need for a new pedagogy, one in which students are partners in learning and teachers act as...
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