The Case Against Grades

Yesterday an interesting tweet caught my eye around the same time that our Learning Network was meeting to plan for our next Learning cycle.  The tweet caught my eye not so Discussing writing lists in the Kindergarten classroom at Tweedsmuir P.S. much for the content of the tweet but because a familiar name was cited - Alfie Kohn.   Alfie Kohn is the author of 12 books and many articles in the fields of education, parenting and behaviour.  He is a staunch critic of rewards and competition and is very outspoken about education's fixation on grades and test scores.  I first came across Alfie's work during my third year of teaching when I was looking for a book about creating a classroom where students had jobs or roles as part of a collaborative community.   Punished By Rewards happened to be the first book that caught my eye that day...
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