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When you really listen it's amazing what you can hear. Yesterday I was at the grocery store getting a few items when I overheard a conversation in the produce section between an older grocery store stocker and a younger stocker in training. It was the message that the elder delivered to his trainee that really lifted my spirits and had reflecting on life in a school. As he demonstrated how to arrange the apples he turned to his younger friend and said "Yesterday I arranged the Granny Smith's so perfectly that I stood back and didn't want anyone to touch my creation. That's how you should feel after everything you do here. Take pride in what you do!" Wow, what great advice.

As I finished my shopping I kept thinking back to the advice the elder stocker gave to his protege and how it could apply to life in a school. Questions flooded my brain. What if every teacher took pride in every lesson they planned? What if every student took pride in every assignment they completed? What if every administrator took pride in every decision they made? What if every parent took pride in every thing their child did at school? What if every superintendent spoke with pride at everything that was happening at their schools? What if every director of education took pride in every appointment or promotion they approved?

These questions may be hard, maybe even impossible to attain but I believe if we strive to be proud everything we do at school we will creating a culture that will bring out the best in everyone. The grocery store clerk is a shining example of what we should all be striving for. His passion for his work gave me hope for my profession. His store is lucky to have him.

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