The Broken Heart Machine


Earlier this week I tweeted about a conversation I had with a kindergarten student and his drawing of a broken heart machine. The conversation I had with him was short but inspiring at the same time. His machine was quite simple. The broken heart would go into the machine on one side and come out fixed on the other. Brilliant. There was nothing sad that had happened to him recently he just wanted to draw a picture of a machine that would mend broken hearts. I left the room after our short conversation with an overwhelming feeling of happiness and pride that students this young are able to demonstrate compassion for others. Then came Friday and the horrible events in Newtown, Connecticut. As my Twitter feed filled up with information about the tragic event I couldn't stop thinking about the safety of the students in my school, about my own daughter and my kindergarten friend and his broken heart machine. With each picture, news report, and interview that I watched I couldn't help but think how everyone touched by this senseless act of violence could use a broken heart machine.

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