The First Day of School

Excitement, nervousness, anxiousness, wonderment, apprehension, eagerness, restless, curiosity, flustered - the list could go on and on.   You maybe feeling all of these or just

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one as we move closer to the first day of school.  There comes a time in each parent's life where they experience the first day of school with feelings that may be completely different from their child's.  You will of course get lots of advice from those that have gone through the first day of school with their children but the reality is every parent will deal with the emotions of the first day differently, just like every child will.    The most important idea every parent should remember is that your emotions and mindset can set the tone for your child.  I don't have all the answers, but just a few pieces of advice from someone who has experienced 15 first days of school as a teacher or administrator.

Think of yourself as a coach.  Motivate them to do their best.   Coach them through the simple things like how to back their bags, how to tie their shoes, the clothes to wear for different seasons and what to pack for a nutritious lunch. Celebrate their successes and show them how proud you are of them.

Social issues have a tremendous effect on children.   You know your child best so watch for signs of anxiety.  Let them know it's ok to feel anxious or nervous, and that you want to help them.  Speak to their classroom teacher whenever  you feel like they could give you some insight into what is happening at school.  Never feel apprehensive about advocating for your child.

Talk to your child about their academics.  Let them know that you care about what they are learning at school and that you are there to support them.  If they are struggling seek advice from their teacher or Learning Support Teacher.  They will be able to suggest strategies for home that can help to support the work done in class.  Most importantly is to keep on top of it.  Look at their planner or class website each night.  Help them to organize their schedule outside of school so they have time for homework and studying but also have time to be a kid.

This may be your very first, first day of school or maybe you've been through it many times before, it doesn't matter, it never seems to be the same.

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