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Did you know the Ontario College of Teachers licenses, governs and regulates the Ontario teaching profession in the public interest? The College is responsible for approving teacher education programs, and setting high professional and ethical standards.

So what does this mean exactly?

The Ethical Standards and the Standards of Practice describe what it means to be a teacher – or indeed a teaching professional.

Every teacher working in a publicly funded school is certified to teach and in good standing with the College. Not only do Ontario Certified Teachers (OCTs) have the knowledge and skills needed to help children learn and succeed, they’re also guided by a set of professional and ethical standards. These standards are something we put into practice in our classrooms every single day. They serve to remind us of our commitment to student learning and well-being. They encourage us to strive for greatness and reflect on what we might do to improve. They challenge us to stay current and to be compassionate. Most of all, they show the public that teachers are qualified, professional and accountable – just like other regulated bodies: doctors, accountants, engineers and nurses, to name a few.

You can read more about the Professional Standards here:

Beyond the service the College provides for the public they also provide important resources for teachers that will support their classroom practice, setting a standard for great teaching.

If you are looking for professional learning opportunities the College’s website has many resources to help support you.

The “Find an AQ” tool in the members section gives you three options to search for additional qualification courses that suit your needs. You can search by AQ name, Provider or by City. Each of these search options provides you with links to more information that will help inform your decision on what professional learning opportunities best suit your needs.

The College also provides an official publication called Professionally Speaking that includes feature articles about teaching, current news and ongoing learning. It’s a great resource, but if you are pressed for time and you want to keep current with College news, you can also read the College’s monthly e-newsletter called Your College and You. Each issue provides brief, newsworthy items about the College and issues relevant to the teaching profession, like the College’s Top 10 most popular educational books and eBooks.

Speaking of books, if you’re looking for useful academic research or educational resources, the College’s Margaret Wilson Library has thousands of books, eBooks, DVDs and journal articles on everything from seating plans to cellphones in the classroom. Any member can borrow items, free of charge, whether you visit the library person in Toronto or request materials by mail from Thunder Bay. Simply sign in using your College Registration Number and Members section password.

Calling aspiring teachers! If you are considering joining the teaching profession in Ontario, the College website has section to help guide you through all the stages from apply to Teachers College to finding a job. There is also a great resource in the Transition to Teaching section that you can read to get informed about job trends and statistics.

Want to learn more about the Ontario College of Teachers and how they are setting the standard for great teaching? Visit




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