I decided to create this page after I watched a keynote speaker at a conference google himself. It was eye-opening to say the least. Since then I have visited the websites of Doug Peterson and George Couros where they both provide visitors with an outline of their web presence. George also has a great graphic on his site that was created by his brother regarding the networked teacher.


Twitter - I started using Twitter in 2008, but I didn't see the value in Twitter immediately. In 2011 I started using Twitter actively as I began to learn how it could help me in my role as administrator. It has been nothing short of amazing. I learn something new every day from my PLN.

Linked In - Linked In always seemed like facebook for business to me and in many respects it is. I've had an account for a few years but I didn't pay much attention to it until the past year. They have clearly made some improvements and it is always good to expand your professional profile. As I started my Master's degree it became clear to me that there is a market for International Educational Leadership and what better way to keep up-to-date with current international trends than to keep a profile on Linked In.

Diigo - During my time as a learning technologies coordinator for the Thames Valley District School Board I was introduced to many applications. One of the first web 2.0 applications that I started using was Diigo. It's a great way to house all your links so that in the event that you have a computer melt down or you upgrade your hardware your links are always safe in the Diigo cloud. You can tag your links with keywords and join groups and communities through the website.

Evernote - A great tools that helps you remember everything across multiple devices that you own. I'm currently investigating how to use Evernote as a digital portfolio for students. Notebooks with students work can be shared with teachers allowing them to move to a paperless classroom. 

Flickr - I love photography. Over the past few years I have gotten away from taking pictures, but that changed when I decided over Christmas to upgrade my DSLR to a full frame Canon 6D. In the past I have used SmugMug to house my pictures and I loved it. I started using Flickr when they were offering a free Pro account. While I think it is a great product, with an excellent mobile app and amazing online community, I'm not sure I like it as much as SmugMug. 

Google Plus - I keep hearing about how this product and in particular Google Hangouts are great for education. Well I've been using it for a while now and it's a great tool. 

Pinterest - I recently started to use Pinterest as a way to document my blog posts. I since have started to pin other important items such as Windows 8 apps, Apps for Administrators and my favourite infographics. Check it out and follow me!